We advise all parents to bring their children to visit us as soon as their first teeth appear (approx 6 months of age). We offer practical advice born out of professional and personal experience as to how to look after your childs teeth properly so that they remain healthy throughout their lives. Good dental and dietary habits are best started early in life if they are to be effective!

We are happy to treat our clients children free of charge under the NHS. We are also happy to provide a comprehensive private service for children when parents request it.

We are lucky to have the services of a Dental Therapist who can treat both children and adults. Vic really enjoys treating the youngsters in the practice. She is kind and gentle and can provide a high level of care that ranges from oral hygiene advice to semi-permanent crowns. Vic works closely with Graham to ensure that the treatment your child receives is appropriate and of a high standard. Vic treats all the younger members of our practice until they are 18 years old.