Teeth Whitening

Please be aware;

Teeth Whitening can only be legally and safely provided by dental Professionals. Treatment by beauticians, hairdressers, or other whitening salons is illegal and could result in harm to your teeth and gums.
Many unregulated and untested products can be purchased on the internet which may be harmful to yourself and your teeth and gums!

Teeth whitening can only be performed on over 18s. Legislation is in place to restrict the strength of the whitening gels that can safely be used to whiten teeth. A white smile is a real confidence booster. Teeth whitening is an excellent and non-invasive way of whitening your teeth by several shades, without harming them in any way.

The cosmetic results are often spectacular but it should be acknowledged that the whitening effect varies from person to person and the extent of the whitening cannot be guaranteed for any individual. It is always a good idea to book yourself in for a clean with our hygienist before starting your tooth whitening to maximise it’s effects.

Best Results

The best results are found using a home whitening tray and gel based system. The trays, with an appropriate amount of gel dispensed inside, are worn overnight. Each day the teeth become slightly whiter. The effect each day is small but over the course of treatment the teeth become ever whiter. We supply enough gel for a 3 week course of whitening.

Tooth Sensitivity

It should be noted that some people will experience a degree of tooth sensitivity during treatment. This varies from person to person but it will stop when the whitening treatment stops and does not harm your teeth. Using a sensitive teeth toothpaste will help if this should occur.

Tooth whitening will not whiten existing dental restorations. If any such restorations are visible, they will appear darker at the end of treatment next to your newly whitened teeth. This could mean that they will need to be replaced to match your new tooth colour. This extra treatment is not included in the cost of your tooth whitening. Your dentist will give you a quote (valid for 3 months) to have any such restorations replaced and colour matched to your new teeth.

Darkened Root Fillings

If you have a root filled tooth that has darkened we can also whiten this tooth by using INTERNAL and external bleaching. This treatment is more complicated and quotes will be given on an individual basis

We offer a comprehensive cosmetic service, so if you are unhappy with your smile please let us know. We can discuss all the different ways that are possible to achieve the look you desire. We will give a written quote for all options, which remains valid for 3 months.